SeedAI on Tech'ed Up Podcast: Is Your Computer Listening to You?
SeedAI on Tech'ed Up Podcast: Is Your Computer Listening to You?
By Austin Carson
March 31, 2022
Washington, D.C.

This week we appeared on Niki Christoff’s podcast Tech’ed Up to talk about the state of AI and how SeedAI’s mission plays in. Check out the episode on Tech’ed Up’s website or below.

From her post: AI enthusiast Austin Carson founded SeedAI, a non-profit working to get artificial intelligence projects launched in new and diverse communities across America. We talk about “machines thinking for themselves,” bias in code (and in the world), and Austin finally answers the burning question: Are our computers eavesdropping?

Bias in data is more about bias in society. It’s about the fact that even far more than who’s coding...that data, thats implicit throughout all of contains all structural inequality. It contains all human goodness and badness.

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