Our Initiatives
SeedAI's work around key initiatives is focused on developing frameworks and environments to co-create, evaluate, and make active decisions on the technology and the policies that govern it.
Hack the Future
Hack the Future is a new series of events organized by SeedAI in partnership with the Wilson Center’s Science and Technology Innovation Program to drive AI learning, assessment, and engagement deeper into communities traditionally left out of technological change.
Generative Red Team Challenge
The Generative Red Team (GRT) Challenge, co-organized by SeedAI, AI Village, and Humane Intelligence, was designed to advance understanding of a core generative AI technology -- large language models (LLMs) -- at scale. The LLMs were tested for bias, potential harms, and security vulnerabilities with the aim of moving AI innovation forward with a more responsible foundation.
AI Across America
This project, run by SeedAI in conjunction with the Congressional AI Caucus, is a core initiative for both organizations. We travel to diverse communities across the country, bringing together interested parties to spur regional AI ecosystems
Creating National AI Resources
Establishing National AI Research Resources is key to opening access to AI research for all. SeedAI has long supported the NAIRR, and held a public engagement in collaboration with NSF
AI For the People
At SXSW we brought our expanded vision to the community: A future built on universal power to create, explore, benefit, and enjoy. A new era we can trust because we all have a hand in it.