Our Launch Event
SeedAI Policy Summit Summary

At the SeedAI Policy Summit, we brought together leaders in Congress, the Administration, academia, established industry, and startups to lay a foundation for how we can build up AI resources to support communities across the country.

Our Panelists
Meet the featured panelists
Dr. Lynne E. Parker
  • Director, National AI Initiative Office

  • Assistant Director for AI, OSTP

  • Co-chair, National AI Research Resource Task Force

Professor Anima Anandkumar
  • Bren Professor, Caltech

  • Director of ML Research, NVIDIA

Senator Rob Portman
  • Ranking Member of HSGAC

  • Co-chair of the Senate AI Caucus

Ranking Member Michael T. McCaul
  • Co-chair, Congressional Internet Caucus

  • Co-chair, Congressional Semiconductor Caucus

  • Co-chair, Congressional High Tech Caucus

Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo
  • Co-Lead, National AI Research Resource Task Force Act

  • Co-chair, Congressional Internet Caucus

  • Chair, Health Subcommittee of House Energy and Commerce Committee

Congresswoman Robin Kelly
  • Vice Chair, Energy and Commerce Committee

  • Co-chair, The Tech Accountability Caucus

Jack Clark
  • Co-founder, Anthropic

  • Co-chair, Stanford AI Index

  • Co-chair, OECD Working Group On AI & Compute

Hodan Omaar
  • AI Policy Lead, ITIF

Kate Tummarello
  • Executive Director, Engine

Jerry McNerney
  • Co-chair, House AI Caucus

Elham Tabassi
  • Chief of Staff, Information Technology Lab at Nist

  • Member, National AI Research Resource Task Force

Meg King
  • Director, Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP) at Wilson Center

Thomas Dawson
  • Co-founder & CEO, Pruve Systems

Leo Hentschker
  • CTO, Column

Joseph Nelson
  • CEO, Roboflow

Our Launch Event
Congresswoman Robin Kelly Remarks
Armchair with Dr. Lynne Parker: The Vision for the NAIRR and Relationship to The National AI Initiative
Senator Rob Portman Remarks
Cornerstone: The Potential of the National AI Research Resource Abstract
Jack Clark: “Why did AI get so crazy all of a sudden?”
Congresswoman Anna Eshoo Remarks
Congressman Jerry McNerney Remarks
Ranking Member Michael T. McCaul Remarks
What Do Local AI Resources Mean for The Startup Ecosystem?